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Watch: Adele Gets Dive-Bombed by a Bat Mid-Concert

While performing in Mexico City on Monday night, a bat somehow managed to get into the venue and give Adele quite a fright. As the bat swooped around, Adele started running around the stage letting off a stream of curses (she’s not exactly known for keeping her language family friendly).

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“Swear? Who, me?”

The bat landed near someone in the audience, which Adele anxiously pointed out to the poor fan, who presumably dealt with the situation.

“Welcome to Mexico,” Adele laughed. “It’s really good to be here, but a f–king bat?”

A fan caught the whole freakout on video:

Though this isn’t the first time Adele has had a funny reaction during one of her shows, it certainly is one of the best. Actually, we can’t choose. Decide for yourself by checking out these hilarious quotes from Adele from her tours.

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