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Watch: Ashley Tisdale Covers Paramore & It’s Surprisingly Cute

Many of us who were in middle school or high school in the mid-2000s went through an emo phase (guilty!), but it sure was a lot of fun at the time. Hot topic pants and way too much eyeliner? Heck yes. Even High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale must have gone through that phase.

Ashley Tisdale Paramore BandRumors.com

Sorry, Ashley Tisdale. We’re always going to remember you this way.

Why are we speculating about Ashley Tisdale’s emo phase? Because she and her husband Christopher French just covered a Paramore song, and it’s pretty awesome.

The song, “Still Into You,” is one of Paramore’s later ones (it debuted in 2013), so it’s not necessarily in the midst of their strongest angsty years, but we can’t help but think of that whole scene when we hear Paramore’s name. Plus, singer Hayley Williams’ trademark style fits pretty neatly into that fold.

Ashley Tisdale Paramore BandRumors.com

Hayley Williams’ orange hair is her trademark.

Ashley Tisdale’s cover of “Still Into You” doesn’t seem too angsty at all. In fact, it’s pretty adorable. She and her husband have been married for two years now, and apparently they are very much “still into” each other.

Ashley Tisdale first introduces her husband before saying they wanted to do a cover because it’s “one of our songs.” The song starts out with Chris playing guitar and singing, and then Ashley joins in to make some beautiful duet magic.


They setting for the video looks gorgeous as well, and in the description for the video, she says it’s filmed in their backyard. And here’s even more good news: Ashley Tisdale has said they’re going to keep doing covers and inviting their music-inclined friends over to take a stab at them as well.

New videos will be posted on her YouTube channel every Tuesday, so be sure to check back here.

So can we get a collaboration with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in the next episode?

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