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Watch: Band Rumors 2015 Grammy Pre-Show Analysis With Jared Wolf

East Coast correspondent Jared Wolf is a student member of the The Recording Academy, studies at Ithaca College and hopes to cover The Grammys in person next year!

Hi, this is Jared Wolf coming to you from BandRumors.com.

We are one week away from the Grammys, and we are bringing you all of the coverage you need, from predictions to Red Carpet to performances to all the winners and losers.

I’m watching the boring pre-show so you don’t have to; I’m analyzing every win so you don’t have to. The Grammys are my Holy Day; you are in such good hands here.

  • We’re asking and answering the real questions:
  • Which wins are going to be big surprises, and which ones are going to be Sam Smith?
  • Just how bad can a Madonna performance possibly be?
  • Why is LL Cool J so boring?
  • Which culture is Katy Perry going to appropriate, and how is she going to feel about losing for the 12th and 13th time?
  • Are we taking Meghan Trainor seriously?
  • Beyoncé Beyoncé Beyoncé Beyoncé?

So get ready. Mark your calendars: Grammys Day is February 8, and we have coverage from all angles, all night long.



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