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Watch: BandRumors Music Minute Featuring The Shakers

Welcome to the Band Rumors Music Minute. Today we’re taking a look at LA-based rock band The Shakers. No, not those Shakers, though they do make a mean chest of drawers, these Shakers!

Now you might be asking, Do they even have rock bands anymore? Apparently they do, because not only do The Shakers rock, they’ve toured with some of the biggest bands in the world like U2, The Foo Fighters, The Swagger Sticks and even The Rolling stones.

Now is everything I just said totally true? Not really. Between you and me I don’t think U2 is that big anymore. But let’s not sweat the small stuff. I’m going to tell you how the band got started.

shakers 1The Shakers formed when lead guitarist Chris Lee moved to LA back in 2009. Coincidentally, During his very first night in La La Land Lee just happened to meet a local singer named Jodie Schell.

Now Jodie had been making a name for herself around town as one of the best up and coming singers to watch out for. She’s kinda like a female version of Bon Scott had he been in The Supremes - pretty bad ass if you ask me.

And, according to the official band bio, she also had a lot of “charm,” Which is like guy code for Hot. Of course she’s hot. All lead singes are hot! I mean, I was a lead singer for a band so there you have it!

Either way, the most important thing is that two became fast friends, which meant that The Shakers were one step closer to word domination!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The next thing they needed was a drummer so they recruited Nick Woods. In addition to being one of best drummers on the planet, Woods has a total rock god hair.

I even heard from Tommy Lee that Woods shaves his hair off every night before he goes to bed, and by the next morning it all grows back, perfectly conditioned and ready to rock!

With Woods onboard now all they needed was a bass player. After a few lineup changes John Ro Rogan eventually settled in as the glue that would hold down the bottom end of the band’s rhythm section.

The Shakers have two albums out: Oh So Loud (2011) and Rescue Team (2013). So the next time they’re in your town playing a show go check ‘em out.

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And finally, leave a comment if you want us to get the shakers on our show! Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next time.

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