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Watch: Beyonce Sneezes, Gets Sued For ‘Lemonade’

Surprise, surprise–even the queen of music and style Beyonce is the victim of bodily functions.

Beyonce Sneeze BandRumors.com

Watch out for that sneeze!

Beyonce was in the middle of talking to her fans when she tucked her face into her sleeve and let out a tiny sneeze. Instead of some embarrassing, gross, giant sneeze, the “Crazy In Love” singer even managed to let out the bodily function with style.

Hopefully her gold and black Gucci leotard didn’t need any cleanup after the fact.

Beyonce Sneeze BandRumors.com

She still looks like a babe even when sneezing.

She was just about to launch into an a cappella version of “Love On Top,” and the sneeze didn’t hinder her start at all. Like the true queen she is, she took it in stride. A few audience members started yelling “Bless You!” at the singer before she started her next song.

Dare we say Beyonce’s lyrics to “Partition” were foreshadowing? “I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker,” she sings in the track.

Check out the video here:


In other news, a sneeze may be the least of Queen Bey’s worries. Filmmaker Matthew Fulks is suing Beyonce for supposedly copying parts of his short film Palinoia in her visual album Lemonade.

Read more to check out the details on the legal claims:

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