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Watch: Charli XCX Parodies Internet Culture In ‘Famous’ Video

Charli XCX’s just released a new video for “Famous,” one of the singles from her “Sucker” album.

The video was created for the YouTube Music Awards, which after a season of non-stop award shows, we’re not sure anyone even watched.

Fittingly enough, the video is a parody of our self-obsessed Internet selfie culture. Charli turns the camera on ourselves to try and show us how ridiculous our obsession with fame has become.

Directed by Eric Wareheim (“Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”), the video features a girl trying to dance to the song, while taking selfies and posting her every move online, despite her phone and tablet running out of juice.

Charli appears in the video as a less than idolized version of herself, warts and all, in attempt to humanize herself in a wry commentary on our culture’s obsession with perfection.

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