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Watch: Eddie Vedder Stops Pearl Jam Show to Rescue Fan from Harasser

You’d think being on stage performing a rock show would require all of your concentration, but Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam also uses the time to keep a lookout on the audience.

Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder BandRumors.com

Rock and roll? Check. Saving fans? Double check!

In the midst of Pearl Jam’s show at Wrigley Field in Chicago on Monday, Vedder paused their performance to help out a fan who was being harassed by another audience member.

Vedder began by yelling, “Stop, stop, stop!” in the middle of a song. He continued, “Hey! Hey mister! Hey, hey, get your finger out of that woman’s face motherf—. Hey mister, all the fingers are pointing at you. Come on, clear out, mister.”

Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder BandRumors.com

Eddie Vedder has been the frontman of Pearl Jam for over 25 years.

The audience started cheering as the man was escorted out. Vedder then made sure the woman he was pestering was okay and complimented the man who was there with her.

“Ma’am, you’re okay? Yeah? You’re good?” he asked. “That’s a good man, taking care of your woman, and then she was taking care of herself too pretty good.”

Take a look at the video:


He then counted off his bandmates and they launched back into “Lukin” without a hitch.

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