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Watch: Emma Stone Reacts to Ryan Reynolds & Andrew Garfield Golden Globe Kiss

It’s great for couples to try to stay on good terms after a breakup, but it’s always hard to see them kiss someone new. Unless you’re Emma Stone, and you’re catching Andrew Garfield laying a big one on Ryan Reynolds.

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Emma Stone watches the action unfold.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were both awarded Golden Globe wins for their performances in La La Land. However, Ryan Gosling was up against some stiff competition. Ryan Reynolds was also nominated for Deadpool, and Andrew Garfield was nominated in the drama category for Hacksaw Ridge.

It wasn’t much of a surprise that Ryan Gosling ended up winning. The real surprise happened while Gosling was accepting his Golden Globe, however. Ryan Reynolds laid a huge kiss right on Andrew Garfield.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield split up back in 2015, but they’ve remained good friends. Nonetheless, Entertainment Tonight was curious to see how the actress would react to seeing the smooch.

When informed of the kiss, Stone said, “What? They did not kiss each other. Did they?” Then, after watching a clip, she simply said “That’s hilarious.”

#EmmaStone couldn’t believe #AndrewGarfield & #RyanReynolds locked lips ???? during #RyanGosling’s acceptance speech. #GoldenGlobes

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Ryan Gosling also watched the stunt, saying “I mean, I’m happy for them, honestly, you know? Good for them.”

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