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Watch: Flagship’s ‘Midnight’ Is a Tribute to San Francisco (Plus Kate Bosworth!)

Big city, gorgeous model (Kate Bosworth!) and some heartfelt, rockin’ music to go with it? There’s nothing not to love about Flagship‘s new video for their song “Midnight.”

Flagship, made up of singer/guitarist Drake Margolnick and drummer Michael Finster, has been around since 2011. But it started out as a merger between two acts that existed even before that. The two were Campbell the Band and Drake Margolnick’s solo outfit.

Right away, they kicked things off by signing with Bright Antenna Records. It didn’t take long for them to book a tour, and they showed off their skills alongside The Wombats in 2012.

Flagship Band Midnight Kate Bosworth BandRumors.com

The gents of Flagship.

Since then, they’ve released an EP called blackbush and a self-titled debut album. Most recently, however, we’ve been jamming their 2016 album The Electric Man.

If their song “Midnight” is any indication of what The Electric Man is like, you can expect great things. Flagship’s video for “Midnight” just debuted, and it’s got a killer vibe.

“Midnight” is directed by Michael Polish, whose wife Kate Bosworth stars in the music video.

“The ‘Midnight’ video is very special to us in that it shows a glimpse of time in our lives surrounded by some very creative and talented people,” Flagship said. “The video is set in San Francisco. Working with the video’s creative team was an incredible experience all around, and one we won’t forget anytime soon.”

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Watching the video, we can see why. It’s a gorgeous and somewhat nostalgic tribute to creativity, friends and exploration.

Watch Flagship’s “Midnight” here:


To catch Flagship live in action, be sure to check out their tour dates. You can also like them on Facebook for even more updates like new releases and exclusives.

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