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Watch: James Corden Races Usain Bolt & Loses Spectacularly

What happens when you challenge the fastest man in the world to a race? You’ll probably lose, but it will at least be pretty hilarious. We’re guessing that’s what The Late Late Show host James Corden was thinking when he challenged 9-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt to a showdown.

James Corden Usain Bolt BandRumors.com

It’s not a race without some trash talking.

The two, along with a massive amount of staff members from The Late Late Show, gathered in the parking lot outside the CBS studio to compete in a 100-meter race. Oh, and for some reason or another, Owen Wilson was also there competing.

The funny clip starts with the staff members inexpertly prepping for the race. Some are looking for free pizza, some are admiring the whiteness of their legs that have never seen the sun. After that, they all line up to start the big race.

James Corden Usain Bolt BandRumors.com Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson repped team USA.

On the first attempt, Owen Wilson pulls the trigger early and gets disqualified for a false start (he later explains that he was glad to be in the lead for a minute there). They start the race again, and–no surprises here–Usain Bolt destroys the competition.

We were kind of impressed at how well some staff members were keeping up, but then we realized Usain Bolt is literally barely jogging. We’re guessing he had to slow his pace down a bit simply for filming purposes, otherwise he would have been so far gone he wouldn’t have even appeared in the same shot with the rest of the racers.

As for James Corden, he made a noble attempt, but he still wound up coming in 21st place. “It wasn’t my day. That’s the life of an athlete,” he said.


Corden’s always one to have no problem poking fun at himself, and our favorite part of the clip was when it showed him running in slow motion, belly bouncing in all its glory. He may not be the fastest man alive, but James Corden is one of the funniest people on late night TV, and that counts for something.

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