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Watch: Jamie Foxx’s Impression of Kanye West Is Spot-On

If you saw Ray back in 2004, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Jamie Foxx is pretty killer at imitating other musicians. Still, his Kanye West impression had us rolling.

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He’s got some tricks up his sleeve.

Jamie Foxx was on The Graham Norton Show to promote his new film Baby Driver earlier this week. During his appearance, they got to reminiscing about the time Foxx collaborated with Kanye West.

“This kid walks in with a backpack on, and his jaw is busted,” Foxx related. “And I said, ‘Who’s that?’ and they said, ‘That’s Kanye West.'”

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He then demanded a freestyle from West, and the rapper delivered. After that, the respect was mutual between the two. That’s when Foxx busted out his impression of Kanye to say, “I have a song that I think you’d be great on.” It goes on from there, but it’s better to just watch it for yourself:


The track the two recorded ended up becoming “Slow Jamz,” which wound up being number one in the U.S. Any doubts Foxx had about West were chucked out the window after that.

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