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Watch: Lady Gaga’s ‘John Wayne’ is a Neon Western Extravaganza

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Lady Gaga knows her music videos with Jonas Akerlund always turn out insanely awesome. So it’s no wonder she turned to him again for her latest video, “John Wayne.”

Coming straight off her Super Bowl LI halftime performance, Lady Gaga isn’t slowing down. “John Wayne” is just as high energy as her videos always are.

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Work it, Gaga.

It starts out with Gaga riding a horse and getting hit in the face with a branch. Then she gets hit in the face again with a bottle. Luckily for her, things start turning around. She rocks out with a team of dancers, she rocks out on a motorcycle–all in all, she rocks out.

Storywise, the video portrays Gaga ditching a more traditional cowboy love to hit up the bad boy she sees racing past. Of course, bad boys are nothing but trouble. The video ends with what Billboard calls a very “Sid and Nancy” type car crash.

Lady Gaga John Wayne BandRumors.com

As always, she knows how to work the craziest of crazy outfits.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Lady Gaga video without some insane outfits to go with it. She wears everything from a pink cowboy hat and suit to a black cut-out leotard. Not to mention the leather boots she dons at the end of the video, which look like they have at least a 10-inch heel. We’re pretty sure she manages to shoot bullets out of the boots as well.

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“John Wayne” also has the neon aesthetic of her past videos, but this time it comes in washes of light.

Watch Lady Gaga’s “John Wayne” video here:


If it has a familiar feel, it’s thanks to director Jonas Akerlund. He’s also the one responsible for her videos for “Paparazzi” and “Telephone.”

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