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Why the Heck is Bono One of Glamour’s ‘Women of the Year?’

Every year, Glamour magazine releases their list of “Women of the Year.” It’s meant as a celebration of all the awesome things that some stellar female role models have achieved over the past year. So why exactly did Bono make the cut?

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Yes, we’re talking about U2’s Bono.

No, Bono is not in any way a female. Yet somehow he’s been named Glamour’s first male “Woman of the Year.”

Naturally, this has sparked a lot of criticism online, with people questioning why a man would be added to a list that’s supposed to be geared at celebrating women. Here are some of the tweets:

Glamour’s editor-in-chief Cindi Leive spoke about the reasoning behind their decision. “It started to seem that that might be an outdated way of looking at things,” she said of the previous method of only including women. “There are so many men who really are doing wonderful things for women these days. Some men get it, and Bono is one of those guys.”

Leive is referencing Bono’s work in establishing Poverty is Sexist, a movement that focuses on raising awareness about the lack of opportunities for women.

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