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Why We Can’t Get Enough of Flo Rida and “Good Feeling”

Flo Rida released “Good Feeling” all the way back in 2012 but this song still sounds as good as the day we first heard it.

Flo Rida Good FeelingWith almost 200 million views on YouTube is not about to break any records but a song with a fist pumping tempo and upbeat lyrics make this a timeless rap/dance classic.

The album, “Wild Ones,” spanwned the hits “Whistle” and “Good Feeling” in part to help from some of the biggest producers and EDM artists in the inudstry by way of Dr. Luke, Avicii, and Axwell.

You can’t help but jump up out of your seat when Flo Rida sings:


Speak it and it’s done
Woke up on the side of the bed like I won
Talk like a winner, my chest to that sun
G5 dealer, US to Taiwan
Now who can say that, I wanna play back
Mama knew I was a needle in a hay stack
A Bugatti boy, plus Maybach
I got a feeling it’s a wrap, ASAP

The only thing not surprising about the success of the song is that native florida resident Pitbull didn’t find his way onto the track. We continue to love this song and can’t wait for Flo’s next release.


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