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Who Is Zayn Malik Dating Now?

Heartthrobs like Zayn Malik have an easy time winning over the ladies. So who is Zayn Malik dating now? Believe it or not, he’s been with the same girl for quite a while. If you catch yourself asking, “Who is Zayn Malik dating now?” the answer is still Gigi Hadid.

The former One Direction star hasn’t had any trouble winning over gorgeous women. Rather than jumping right into who Zayn Malik is dating now, let’s take a look at the past.

Who is Zayn Malik dating now? Cher Lloyd BandRumors.com

Zayn with former flame Cher Lloyd.

Back in 2011, Malik dated British actress Stephanie Davis. They were only together for five months. Before that, Zayn was spotted hooking up with fellow X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd. Somewhere in the midst of all that, he had a one month long relationship with another X Factor contestant, Geneva Lane.

But it doesn’t end there. He hit up yet another former X Factor contestant, Rebecca Ferguson, in 2011. They were together for four months despite their six year age difference. Then there was the Australian stripper Courtney Webb, who he met at a club. Supposedly, he brought her home with him to the house he shared with fiancee at the time, Perrie Edwards. Perrie and Zayn wound up splitting in 2015.

Who is Zayn Malik dating now? Perrie Edwards BandRumors.com

Zayn was engaged to Perrie Edwards.

Also in the mix was Carlyn Bryan, who is one of the few non-celebs Zayn has dated. But after that, it was straight back to models and singers. He then dated Burberry model Neelam Gill.

So Who Is Zayn Malik Dating Now?

Currently, the question “Who is Zayn Malik dating now” has one simple answer: Gigi Hadid! The Victoria’s Secret model is one of the highest profile models in the world. However, she and Zayn have been remaining loyal to each other. They’ve had their ups and downs and rumored splits, but otherwise they’ve been going strong.

The couple have been dating since the end of 2015. They even shared some cute Valentine’s Day pics recently.

everyday ????

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Hopefully they manage to stay together! Check out Zayn Malik’s Facebook page for more updates.

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