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Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid Make Everyone Jealous In New Vogue Shoot

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Just a couple of lovebirds enjoying the Italian sun.

As if we weren’t envious enough of Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid, the couple modeled for a Vogue photoshoot that caused serious travel envy as well.

Prior to performing his hit “Like I Would,” at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last weekend, the former One Direction member Malik and supermodel Hadid flew out to South Italy for a steamy photoshoot.

Gigi Hadid Zayn Malik BandRumors.com

Zayn Malik whisks girlfriend Gigi Hadid off her feet.

Malik confirmed that he and Hadid were dating on a radio show back in February. On the show, Malik discussed his video for “Pillowtalk,” which also starred Hadid.

“That was cool,” Malik said about having Hadid on set with him. “That was something different, and yeah, we enjoyed it. It was fun. We had a lot of fun on set.”

Well, of course they had a good time on set. How could you not have fun making out with your girlfriend?

Malik formerly dated Perrie Edwards, another former X Factor contestant and member of the band Little Mix. In fact, they were engaged for two years before it was announced in August of 2015 that they had split.

An insider revealed that dating Hadid was much more satisfying for Malik. While he was with Edwards, another U.K. native, he never bothered to delve into U.S. culture. With Hadid, however, Malik has embraced living stateside and even–gasp!–gone to the beach.

Hadid has likewise had a comfortable time with Malik. She’s stated that she enjoys being with someone who is also in the limelight.

🙁 we love you always chub ????????????

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“We cope with the trolls by having each other,” Hadid said. “It’s the same thing as dating someone within the industry rather than out of the industry. You only understand it when you’re literally experiencing it.”

Despite being so busy and jet-setting around to do glamorous Italian photo shoots, Hadid still relies on her girlfriends to help her through the rough patches.

“When people are really harsh? I’m going to call Kendall [Jenner] because Kendall’s the one who will always be like, ‘You don’t need that, just let it go.'”

Sounds like the couple has a pretty healthy, balanced relationship. No wonder they look so relaxed in the photo shoot.

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